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Parenting does not come naturally to most dads. As we were growing up, we played football, shot BB guns, and got sweaty and dirty in every way imaginable.

It’s different for women. They grew up playing house. They played mom to their baby dolls. They likely tagged along to a baby shower or two.

As a result, being a mom is a natural evolution for women.

Not us. The notion of being a dad first occurred to me when my wife said, “Honey, I think I’m a couple of days late.” It wasn’t exactly a moment of hallowed joy. More like panic-stricken, gut-tightening anxiety.

Why then are there so few instruction manuals for dads? We’re the ones who don’t have a clue. In fact, four years and two kids later I’ve learned that parenting is the best example of on-the-job training there is.

Most areas of fatherhood require instruction, but, unfortunately, only trial and error is available. No, you can’t warm baby milk in the microwave. Yes, it is safe to put a hiccuping baby in a crib to sleep. And I still have no idea how to make the perfect ponytail, but I’m trying!

And that’s the purpose of this blog. To share with other dads the things I’ve learned and the mistakes I’ve made…goodness knows there have been plenty of both. They say the best offense is a good defense. And from the moment your child takes his first breath and comes out screaming, he (or she) is on offense…which is why dad’s on defense forever after.

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